Magic Poppins by Charlyne Thorn

Magic Poppins is a project inspired by the movie "Mary Poppins".

Re-watching the movie as an adult, I realized the theme of the power of imagination was key to the story.  Growing up, we create barriers in our mind that restrict us. Although Mary is strict, she gives the most freedom to the children. I tried to transpose this to the project. The whole process was also based on a mix media approach, like in the movie.

I explained the scene where Mary, Bert, Jane and Michael jump into the painting, and like magic, appear in the landscape they chose. I asked the kids to create a place they want to jump in. I let them use different tools, so that they wouldn't be limited in their creativity. It became extremely interesting to see how their Art matches their personality. The second part was the photo shoot, and the last session was about explaining their place and giving them the prints.

I started photography because while traveling, I realized it was a way to create a relationship with people and sharing part of their life and dreams. This movie is filled with happiness and laughter. I try to transfer the spirit of positivity unto my Art.

This is an ongoing project that I would like to carry out with other children, or why not adults who are ready to embrace their imagination!

Thank You to Youth On The Move who I worked with for Spring Break 2016 in Harlem, New York. Much love to all the children who participated.

For any interest, contact me at