“We don’t see things as they are; we see them as we are.” - Anaïs Nin

Born and raised in Switzerland, Charlyne’s career began in 2010, when she first started freelancing . In 2012, she relocated to San Francisco and graduated from the Academy of Art University with a Major in Photography. With the idea of living a fulfilling experience, she took her car and drove across the United States to New York, where she started working photo shooting children and families.

Charlyne’s career kept on growing. She worked in the Fashion Industry in New York. Her work was published in windows from Broadway to South Beach and later all across Canada. She moved to Toronto following an opportunity,

Charlyne Thorn is known for her versatility, as well as her ability to build a personal connection with both her subject and audience. Whether using her photographs to promote body acceptance, or capturing the essence of a fleeting Cuban culture, Charlyne’s work consistently contributes to a larger, more global storyline.

Described as a goal oriented innovator, her technical aptitude and creative spirit led her over the course of her career to work with highly regarded organizations, from global fashion retailers to international financial entities in the European Union.