Cuba - Viñales

          Departure to Viñales! I booked my room through Airbnb in a Cabaña in a farm. In the description, the family sounded really welcoming and I was really excited. I didn't have much indications but to follow a road and ask for Pepe Lluis Cabaña. After a good twenty-five minutes walking, I am in the middle of the field, next to the mountains with an amazing view. I get a warm welcoming, and get offered some fresh from the farm pineapple juice. Something happened with the website and the place got double booked. They arranged me one night a few houses down the road that actually had an amazing view too. I first decided to visit the town (two streets). While walking, a truck filled with bananas caught me up. The man asked me if I was going to Viñales and offered me a ride. He proudly told me he was, from what I understood, the manager of the farmers around. I was pleasantly surprised because not like in Havana were everything is for money, he was just being nice.

You can pretty much sleep in every casa you see. It's a town based on tourism. Gladly by being a little further, I didn't get that feeling. The streets have lots of restaurants, you can book tours, and get wifi. There is also a street market for souvenirs. 

People still used phone booth to contact each other. Images like this as well as barber chair on the front porch of the house definitely makes you feel like you went back in time.