Cuba - The Real Havana

I then walked from Vadedo where Coppelia is located to my Casa. I saw another side of Havana, the more real I guess. As I previously said, Old Havana is really touristy. This part I was in was more true to my expectations. There is life on the streets. Dilapidated building with laundry hanging on the balcony.

I could see a community, like if every block was one house. People have their door and windows open, they are sitting in front of their house or checking out the animation from the second floor, helping each others fixing cars or buying food. 

Let's not forget the street games, baseball, soccer or shooting marble and dominoes for the older ones.

The iconic old American cars are everywhere. They are just a great subject to photograph.

But not everybody get the luxury to ride those. Transportation in town is often on a bicycle cab or horse carriage.