Cuba - Pepe Lluis

          Back to the farm, I had an amazing four hours excursion with a really great man who's actually the husband of their daughter. After a nap, Pepe Llouis let me photograph him with my equipment. He is such a warm person, always smiling, generous and proud of sharing his knowledge. From offering me his homemade pineapple juice, showing me every fruit in his farm as well as creating a cigar, he was an amazing host.


I spend the rest of the day in front of the Cabaña on the rocking chair with either China or Pepe Lluis talking. They also cooked me an amazing meal that I got to eat watching the sunset falling behind the mountains.

It was a truly amazing experience with amazing people. I am glad I stayed away from the center and got to live a true local experience.

I woke up at 5 am because the bus for Cienfuegos was at 6:45 am. On my way out Pepe Llouis was up ready to go milk his cow, still in the dark. We walked a little bit together and then said my goodbye.