Cuba - Money Conflict

          I see one main conflict created by the tourism: money. People make in average an equivalent of 30$ a month. It used to be that everything they pay for is relative to their salary. But now, May (my host in Trinidad) told me she was paying 8$ for shampoo. Clothes (if you find some) are around 25$. There is a huge gap between their salary and the actual cost of living that keep rising. Because of that money level difference, Cuba is the only country in the world to have two currencies. CUP (Peso Cuban) and CUC (Peso Cuban Convertible). 1$ = 1 CUC = ~ 25 CUP. It is becoming harder for locals and a lot of them turn their occupation towards tourism. Casa host or guide, they for sure make more money this way. ViƱales, a town with farm and tobacco plantation is financed by tourism. You can pretty much sleep in every house you see and it is all about excursion and visit. Although it is set up this way, you can still have a feeling of the real, but not sure for how long. Because buying new is pretty much impossible, Cubans mastered the art of repairing everything. From cars to clothes, there is a way.