Cuba - El Nicho

          I wasn't able to book a tour the day before, so early morning on Monday I found a taxi that would take me there (~30 miles) for 35 CUC. This driver had a pretty old car and was driving like a maniac. Between 70 to 90 miles per hours, the car was shaking like crazy. But he was really friendly. It ends up being a good plan because we got there before all the tourists and the buses. He kindly accompanied me in the park. The first waterfall is small but the water is extremely clear. Keep going up through the stairs of hell for such early in the morning and get to the bigger one. I thought the waterfall would have a higher water flow, but I later on learned that the season had been really dry. I had a few photographs in mind and had to swim with my camera. What a stressful moment, but you gotta do what you gotta do. The water felt so good with the heat, while kind of cold for locals. We kept going on the trail with gorgeous views. It was a nice and refreshing experience.