Cuba - Conclusion

          I am overall extremely happy with my trip. How many times I heard to be careful as a women traveling alone, but I honestly didn’t have any problems in Cuba. I felt safe. The people I met were more than welcoming and willing to share their knowledge and experience. The landscapes were varied and breathtaking. I feel like I did a lot, but there is so much more. I encouraged people to go before technology takes over, because it does really changed the way people interact. You can still see people outside their door talking and observing the street, or inside on their rocking chair while somebody is cooking. Kids are playing on the street with a ball barely inflated, shooting marble or playing dominoes. There is a feeling of community and exchange. With technology, these communities are on the web, and people stay at home. This street exchange doesn’t exist anymore. In Europe, everybody is a stranger and nobody talks to stranger on the street. In the United States, it is still common to randomly start a conversation because I like your nails, shoes or because the Warriors won! But in a country like Cuba, it’s like everybody knows each other, nobody is a stranger and there isn’t any taboo on starting a conversation with somebody you don’t know. If you read until now, I appreciate your time and hope this was entertaining as well as rewarding.