Cuba - Cienfuegos

          After a good eight hours on a bumpy road, I made it to Cienfuegos. I got to my casa were Wilfredo welcomed me. We had a good laugh because he was trying to offer me yogurt but he had a hard time with the pronunciation. Even though he speaks really well English, it took me a few try to understand what he was talking about. We had a good talk about multiple subjects. I was wondering if they were any racism between Spanish and African descendants. He said not really, sometimes some jokes, but it's all good. Coming from the United States, a country built by immigration and therefore inhabit by multiple cultures, racism had been and is still an issue. But here in Cuba, people looked mixed and integrated. It kind of shocks me in a good way; it's possible to leave in harmony together.

While talking, he looked extremely tired. I asked him if he slept and he told me he spent the night watching Games of Thrones and The Walking Dead. I found curious he was able to watch these shows in Cuba, but like a lot of other stuff, there are some side markets, and American TV shows is one of them. My host in Havana later on told me you can only get shows the hacker likes because that’s what he downloads. 

I lost tracked of time, and realized it was Sunday. I spent the afternoon walking it the city. It was pretty quiet with pretty much everything close.

I saw this girl on the street and got intrigued because I thought she was holding a cigarette. I asked her if I could take a photo. Her friend joined and started posing. It's actually really common to see children holding a pen like if they had a cigarette. Cubans smoke a lot and their children mimic them.

As I previously said, riding a car is pretty luxurious. Horses are still the way to go pretty much everywhere outside Havana. There are two types of carriages: one for tourist where you can get a tour, and the one below where people ride together one depending on the destination.