" If you please - draw me a sheep! "

                                                                                       "The Little Prince" by Antoine de Saint Exupery 

The prince ask the pilot to draw him a sheep, but after many attempts, the child is not satisfied. Being over it, the pilot draw a box and tell the Prince to imagine the sheep in it. With his creativity, he can see it lay down sleeping.

When working with children, I try to make their creativity come out. I felt like illustrating this moment of the book was an approach to somehow look at each individual's personality.

I showed them the box that is in the book, and like the the pilot, I asked them to visualize, and then draw the sheep that was in.

I spent a few days with these children previous starting the project to make them feel comfortable around me. I learned about each of them and as a result, it was interesting to see their personality reflected in their drawing. The clown of the class drew a face. When asking him if it was a sheep, he answered "yes it's my teacher, and my teacher is a sheep". The girly girl drew stars, and the more shy once were more basic.

Thank You to Vincent Academy who I worked with in Oakland, California. Much love to all the children who participated.

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